Organizational Development

Solutions we offer helps decision-makers to determine long-term performance of the organization


Since 2003, El Group as an innovator in Human Capital Management and solutions, has been successfully implementing research and analytical projects in the field of labor market and workforce in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia

Compensation & Benefits

A сonstant monitoring of current trends in the field of compensations and benefits allows our Clients to navigate in the labor market

Monitoring &

Evaluation tools designed by El Group Consulting are aimed for determining social and economic impacts that our Clients create. Monitoring and Evaluation helps in tracking change, understanding why the change happened and how to improve in future. This visualises evidence of company/organization’s efficiency and effectiveness for funders, commissioners and investors

About El Group


El Group Consulting is the industry’s leader in the high-impact leadership and hard-to-find expertise recruitment. Since our inception in 2003, for-profit and non-profit organizations from USA, Europe, CIS and CAR have trusted us to help recruit and develop top-notch talent and to provide customized and actionable insight.

El Group Consulting offers a wide range of integrated and innovative services in Human Capital Management, Organizational Development, and Analytical Research. Through our vision, research and proprietary high quality targeted solutions, we help companies and leaders to reach their goals.


Founded in 2003 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, El Group Consulting has demonstrated in-depth understanding and solid experience in serving multinational, international and domestic clients in Central Asia and around the world.

We have formed and supported lasting and effective relationships with the Clients — leading companies and organizations — by gaining clear understanding of their corporate needs and culture, providing high quality services and observing professional ethics. Since El Group’s inception, we have proven to be an innovator and a leader time and time again.


Jamilya Imankulova

Founding and Managing Partner of El Group Consulting


World Bank Group, “Salary Survey for Kyrgyz Republic”, 2014

Comprehensive salary survey for Kyrgyz Republic which includes an analysis of compensation and benefits practices of relevant comparator organizations. The analysis presents comprehensive review on qualitative and quantitative data on current labor market pay practices in Kyrgyz Republic for the calendar year 2013.

UNDP Kyrgyzstan, “Salaries and Remunerations Survey among non-governmental organizations and business sector”, 2013

Salaries and Remunerations Survey among non-governmental and business sector at the commission of UNDP Kyrgyzstan for the year 2013. The goal of the Survey includes investigation of current trends and conditions in the salary market among non-governmental and business organizations.

GIZ Office in Bishkek, “Benchmarking salary scales of GIZ in Kyrgyzstan”, 2013

Analysis of existing GIZ Office salary level and compensation package with a salary level of other non-governmental and non-profit organizations operating at the Kyrgyz labor market.


El Group core skills are ‘portable’ across industry lines and our client base reflects it. Our Clients span virtually all industry categories and range from start-ups to multinationals. We focus on producing measurable results for our Clients and our core services include Executive Search and Recruitment, Human Capital Management and Development, Analytical Research and Surveys, Consulting and Training.



How to work with Salary Survey

This article contains guidelines for implementation the results of Salary Survey

Institutional Performance Improvement Course

A brief summary of the "Institutional Performance Improvement Course for Consultants in the Kyrgyz Republic" conducted by support of USAID GGPAS program. One of the trainers - Suiunbek Syrdybaev, Partner and Manager of Consulting Division of El Group Consulting. 


El Group Digest #1(2016)

In this issue of El Group Digest:
  • ANNUAL SALARY SURVEY: Tendencies and Forecasts
  • Value engineering as anti-crisis tool
  • Cost optimizing solutions - implementing outstaffing and outplacement in Kyrgyzstan
  • Towards New Horizon: Kyrgyzstan's native as expat

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