El Group offers services of position grading for your company. Grading is the process of grouping positions on the basis of key criteria, taking into account the current needs of the business, strategicplans of development and the corporate culture of the company as a whole. This tool will allow you to build a clear system of job classification levels and fair financial reward system.

Main factors that determine the need for the introduction of a grading system in a company are:

Presence of more than two hundred kinds of positions that require a clear systematization
Need for career management and development of employees
Development and improvement of the organizational structure of an organization
Need for implement of incentive programs

Benefits from the introduction of grading for the Client:

Ability to implement mechanisms that evaluate the efficiency of the personnel on the basis of a structured hierarchy of job levels;
Possibility of building a fair remuneration system;
Creation of tools for professional and career development of its employees;
Framework for the implementation of effective incentive programs in order to improve productivity and staff motivation.

Process of providing the service

Grading is a serious project, during which all the internal business processes are studied and structured. Project is supposed to conduct a detailed analysis of the functional responsibilities of each position with the assessment of its impact on the business processes, degree of responsibility, requirements for the position, etc.

The larger the company, the more complex is management of its processes. Solution of this situation is the establishment of a clear organizational structure, which requires conduction of job evaluation and division of positions according to grades. In carrying out job evaluation El Group necessarily takes into account the specifics of a company, based on which the most effective schemes of interaction between departments, employees are built. Based on the evaluation organizational structure is constructed by assigning each position corresponding to the position level – grade.

On the basis of these grades salary scale is further developed with a “plug” for each of grades (minimum and maximum acceptable size of the bet on that grade). Availability of this scale allows the head of an organization to ensure the adequacy of the pay level of a staff member, as well as rapid decisions in attracting new personnel into a company.

EL Group experts provide consulting support during the implementation of the grading system developed.

Results of grading system
implementation in a company

1 step
Grades for all positions
in a company are created;
2 step
Scale of charges by grades (grading plugs)
with the recommended min-max rates is developed;
3 step
A system of payment, which is:

  • fair;
  • transparent and clear;
  • competitive;
  • taking into account the specificity of activity of your company, is proposed.

4 step
Plan for the implementation of the changes
proposed – transition from a current state
to the target one;
5 step
Training of responsiblepersonnel for the
use of tools and grading scale wages.

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