Compensation management


Compensation management

In the practice of the leading companies, a special attention is paid to building an effective human resource management system, which is a key to success and attraction of highly qualified personnel. Proper personnel management system allows a company to develop a successful growth strategy and follow it.

El Group offers its clients services in the Compensation Management. In this area, our company can offer a wide range of services, which includes:

  1. development of the system of key performance indicators and evaluation;
  2. development of incentive programs to increase productivity and encourage additional workers;
  3. personnel audit – analysis of the correctness of personnel document in relation to compensation policies, compliance of the Kyrgyz Republic Labor Code processes, on the basis of what it is possible to develop recommendations for improving the human resources policies and procedures;
  4. development of salary scales on the basis of the existing grades in our Clients’ companies in order to build a fair financial reward system.

Advantage of the choice of these services will undoubtedly be the presence of a transparent system of personnel accounting, acting in accordance with the labor legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic. Having a proper compensation policy, companies are able to generate a great talent pool, attract and retain qualified key employees, effectively organize resources planning, budgeting, wage fund and other related expenditure. It is also very important that companies will be able to choose their own strategies in the management of human resources in line with business requirements.

Process of providing the service:

Experts of our company carry out a detailed audit of your company’s local operating regulations, practices, and procedures. Human resources are studied with determining the existing system of material rewards. Based on these results a work plan for improving the compensation of management, personnel policy, incentive programsis developed.


Clear and detailed plan for improving the compensation policy of your company
Development of staff performance evaluation system
Adapted documentation package for the subsequent implementation of business – processes
Adequate system of compensation and benefits

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