Strategic management

strategy2Strategic management is a set of management decisions and actions that determine long-term performance of an organization. In particular, it includes the following stages:

  • Scanning of external environment of an organization
  • Formulation of the strategy (strategic planning)
  • Implementation of the strategy
  • Strategic Monitoring and Evaluation

Strategic planning is only one of the four main components of strategic management. However, in Kyrgyzstan, the two concepts are often perceived as one.

Approach of El Group:

We prefer the following definition of strategy: “The definition of long-term goals of an organization and coordination of actions and resources that are needed to accomplish these goals.” The strategy of an organization is a short (up to 30-page document) that includes applications, graphs and charts.

We offer consultations on the implementation of a strategic
management components and the complete cycle,

divided into four stages:

1 step
Preliminary study (assessment of clients needs)

  • Review of the external environment to identify relevant external trends
  • Conduction an internal review to evaluate the current strategic achievements
  • Clarification of the strategic position of the organization to select the key issues which need to be addressed.

2 step
Strategy formulation

  • Vision to determine the long-term direction of an organization
  • Establishment of mission and objectives to map clear results on the basis of indicators
  • Choice of strategies that will help an organization to achieve its strategic objectives

3 step
Implementation of the strategy

  • Creation of a clear plan, which coordinates activities, results, resources, terms and responsibilities for strategic objectives and the fulfillment in good faith. This includes the creation of an appropriate framework, systems, processes and skills to support the implementation of the strategy.

4 step
Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation strategy

  • Development of a clear methodological plan of collecting, analysis and usage of data.
  • Continuous use of data to improve performance
  • Impact assessment and preparation of reports on the impact to ensure accountability.

*Specialists of El Group provide consulting services on any of these steps, depending on the agreement with the Client.

Application of the “Strategy” to the business takes its origin in the US corporate environment of the last century. Before that, the term was used only in the context of military affairs and politics. Today, the strategy is applied not only for the business giants, but also for small and medium sector players. However, many encountered some difficulties on this tortuous path, including those resulted by the fact that some authors and methodology were in the trend, and some – not. Any consultant knows what SWOT analysis and Porter’s five forces analysis are, businessmen talk about “positioning”, “value chains” and “competitive advantages”, but not everyone can name at least a few alternative approaches.

In fact, there are at least 10 strategic management schools:

1. Design School (strategy formation as a process of understanding)
2. Planning School (building strategy as a formal process)
3. Positioning School (building strategies as an analytical process)
4. Business School (building strategy as a foresight process)
5. Cognitive School (building strategy as a mental process)
6. Training School (building strategies as an evolving process)
7. Authorities School (building strategy as a negotiation process)
8. Art School (building strategies as a collective process)
9. External Environment School (building strategy as a reactive process)
10. Configuration School (building strategy as a process of transformation).

Given widespread tendency in Kyrgyzstan SWOT-analysis refers to Positioning School, and market positioning refers to Positioning School. Thus, at least 8 other approaches are out of business in CIS countries. In today’s international consulting other more advanced tools and methods have already been developed and used, which in our country El Group Consulting is implementing.

Good and effective company strategy must be result of a seminar for managers, but the answer to the real challenges of the environment. The answer, in turn, should be based on an assessment of the external environment, which El Group Consulting attaches paramount. The difference of our approach is that we are focused on increasing the effectiveness of the ultimate goal of any organization, regardless of ownership. To do this, El Group Consulting is implementing in Kyrgyzstan human performance technologies that are currently used in the world’s leading companies.

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