This service allows your company to withdraw a part of personnel out of staff and entrust labor relations with those employees to El Group Consulting.

Both existing personnel and selected ones can be withdrawn as the staff of a Client. Recruiting services might be provided in addition. Withdrawn personnel is credited to the state of ElGroup, as we take care of the calculation and payment of wages, taxes and HR – outsourcing.

Outstaffing might be provided in accordance with a Client’s choice or selected by El Group.

Outstaffing – one of the tools to optimize expenditures on human resources management:

  1. Allows employees to transfer to the state of another entity;
  2. “Transferred” employees continue to work on their positions;
  3. El Group takes care of all the legal and financial obligations in respect of “transferred employees”.

Outstaffing is particularly relevant in the following cases

When a company has strict limits on the number of staff

When a company takes care of its employees

A company does not form a new employee into the staff during probation period

A foreign specialist is employed

What outstaffing gives a company

Registration of employees in the state of El Group
Payroll, vacation, sick leaves
Complete personnel administration and recording
Project manager – a contact person for operative solution of all the issues related to personnel
Calculation and listing of all the taxes and fees for salaries of employees
Medical insurance for employees (if necessary)
Payment of travel, mobile communication, fuel, and other expenditures
Project reporting

Benefits of outstaffing:

  • Reduced maintenance costs of the HR and accounting departments;
  • Application for temporary work, short-term projects;
  • Application for foreign companies that are not planning to open a legal entity;
  • Efficient allocation of administrative costs;
  • Possibility of hiring employees by limiting the number of staff and budget;
  • Possibility for aClient to focus on core business processes (legal and tax liability for an employee transfers to a company that provides outstaffing services);
  • Saving time of a Client.

Outstaffing personnel with El Group

High quality, professional service
Dedicated manager to handle all project issues
Flexible working conditions
Professionalism and knowledge of Labor Code of the Kyrgyz Republic
Full transparency of the work
Assistance in the design of an employment contract

Client’s expenses include

Salary of an employee and 17.5% of insurance payments

Tax deductions according to the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic

Compensation of unused vacation whenfiring an employee

Cost of El Group services

The order of outstaffing service

1 step
Consideration and discussion of the tasks and goals that need to be resolved in the process of outstaffing between a Client and the representative of a company. During a discussion specific conditions of this service are being elaborated.
2 step
At the end of an interview a Client makes the final
decision on the number of its employees to be withdrawn.
3 step
Client and representative agree on the terms of service performance,
conditions of its implementation, as well as the method
and amount of payment.
4 step
The Client and outstaffing
company sign the agreement

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