World Bank Group, “Salary Survey for Kyrgyz Republic”, 2014

Comprehensive salary survey for Kyrgyz Republic which includes an analysis of compensation and benefits practices of relevant comparator organizations. The analysis presents comprehensive review on qualitative and quantitative data on current labor market pay practices in Kyrgyz Republic for the calendar year 2013.

UNDP Kyrgyzstan, “Salaries and Remunerations Survey among non-governmental organizations and business sector”, 2013

Salaries and Remunerations Survey among non-governmental and business sector at the commission of UNDP Kyrgyzstan for the year 2013. The goal of the Survey includes investigation of current trends and conditions in the salary market among non-governmental and business organizations.

GIZ Office in Bishkek, “Benchmarking salary scales of GIZ in Kyrgyzstan”, 2013

Analysis of existing GIZ Office salary level and compensation package with a salary level of other non-governmental and non-profit organizations operating at the Kyrgyz labor market.

EU Project, “Support of Kyrgyz Republic educational system”, 2013

Development of tools, conduction of research, and provision of analytical report on the availability issues, needs and prognosis of the labor market in the sector of the Kyrgyz Republic light industry. The project included a series of trainings for the personnel of initial vocational technical education system and independent sector researches.

European Training Foundation, “Transition from education to work”, 2011 – 2012

Transition from education to work Survey includes Collecting information through questionnaires and expert interviews. More than 2100 respondents were involved throughout Kyrgyz Republic.

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