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«Source of manpower» or how to keep the remains of the labor force in Tajikistan?

Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan are united not only by historical and geographical proximity, but also by the processes in the labor market, characterized by labor shortages, high unemployment rates and migration outflow. Logical paradox, is not it?

Training and self-development opportunities for HR professionals

To date, none of the professionals can boast of a guaranteed employment.In this regard, especially during the economic crisis, an expert needs a sense of independence, justifiably wishing to manage their lives themselves, or even to reset their goals and identify promising new opportunities.

Information technology and automation in the field of Human Resource Management

It’s not a secret that we live in the heyday of information technology. As in the XIX century industrial revolution turned the way of life and methods of work, now the Internet and following information revolution is changing the way we socialize, buy, work, and etc.

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