Salary and Compensation Research


Salary and Compensation Research

El Group, as a leading company for the research of salary in the Kyrgyz market, offers a wide range of services for the salary studies. Main purpose of this type of research is the constant monitoring of current trends in the field of compensation and benefits. Being valuable information,it allows our Clients to quickly navigate in the labor market.

Advantages of the acquisition of the analytical report on

the results of salary studies

  1. You are always up to date with the latest trends in the field of compensation and benefits in the local labor market;
  2. Operational access to the level of the compensation package for employees in various sectors of the economy;
  3. Ability to generate your own internal policies on compensation of employees.

Benefits of direct participation
in the salary study

Comfortable reporting format for further analysis: Excel and PDF reports
Ability to compare their own compensation packages with the leading employers in the local labor market;
Flexible system of discounts for the participants of a study;
Advisory support by the method of evaluation studies of wages in order to apply them to the payment system inside.
Choice of data presentation in the research – for the reference group, for a particular sector (consumer goods, financial services, telecommunications, mining companies, etc.) in selected positions, and others.

Process of providing the service

With its unique method of salary research,El Group offers a variety of options for analytical reports that are adapted to our Clients’ needs. Results can be provided both in all segments of the labor market of the country, and in certain categories of job or business sectors.

Data is consolidated in the form of specially adapted profiles for each market segment, depending on the scope of a company. For the convenience of users, detailed instructions on how to filleach section is attached, this allows facilitating the filling process.

Particular attention is paid to the issue of confidentiality of information, as the value of data entrusted to us is a key priority.

One of the most attractive services is the conduction of individual research of salary levels for your company compared with the selected reference groups. This will allow you to be aware of trends in the compensation management in organizations related to your business segment.

Results might be obtained both by thestudy participants, as well as by those companies who wish to get results without providing their own data on wages. However, for the participants of salary research El Group offers an attractive discount system when purchasing ready-made analytical reports, which is a significant advantage.


General or specialized analytical report on the salary market research in Excel and PDF formats;
Report in which your company is analyzed and compared with the selected segment of the market;
Provision of consulting services on the application of the study results of wages in further practicesof a company.

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