Complex solutions


Complex solutions

El Group will collaborate with You to gain a deep understanding of Your business challenges and, backed by extensive employee research, build forward-thinking approaches and bring practical insights into how Your workforce can best be managed.
El Group can help You to drive improved business results and provides tools and capabilities to help make the right decisions for the long term.
El Group then partners with You to create the culture and programs that will best engage and motivate Your talent.

Our comprehensive approach considers form and function including organizational structure, strategic alignment, leadership and employee engagement, culture, collaboration, and community.

HR Audit and Assessment

Helps You, our Client, to align current HR practices with the existing or newly developing business strategies to ensure the employee lifecycle policies and procedures used to hire, train, compensate, and terminate employees contribute to overall success and profitability of Your company.

El Group thoroughly and objectively reviews practices and policies often through:

In-depth discussions and/or interviews with managers and employees
Comprehensive surveys to identify potential trouble issues in promotions, compensation, management, and other areas
As part of this assessment, El Group Team provides recommendations of specific solutions to complement Your company’s strengths and address its challenges

Leadership Potential Assessment

The solution results in valuable and actionable insights on high-potential individuals and provides high-quality data for critical talent decisions.

El Group:

Analyzes the organizational, strategic, and cultural context
Collects multiple data input: interviews, testing, feedback, etc
Provides a comprehensive assessment
Identifies highly capable employees for more senior positions of greater responsibility.

Training and Development Needs Assessment

Assists in the design, development and implementation of skills assessments, gap analyses and development plans for Your company’s individuals/departments.

El Group’s assessment tool:

Evaluates a wide range of job skills and management aptitude
Helps You to identify the areas where Your leadership and employees need support and training
Additionally El Group can suggest the best ways to motivate and encourage these employees
As part of this assessment, El Group Team provides recommendations of tactics that can improve the specific employee’s skills and enhance his/her professional development.

Performance Management

Includes the assessment of how Your employees work, along with the effectiveness of incentives to improve their performance. El Group’s services involve:

Monitoring of employees’ performance;
Providing constructive and timely feedback;
Offering an incentive model that links rewards to key behaviors that You seek to foster.

*El Group’s professional insights are backed by our robust analytical engine: market-leading data including compensation data, ongoing research into emerging trends, issues and best practices in reward program design.

Compensation and Strategy Alignment

El Group can help You with design of an effective highly customized compensation system that is:

Aligned with Your goals;
Measures performance precisely and fairly;
Encourages employees to put additional effort;
Provides rewards that attract and retain the best performers.

Employee Relations and Communications

El Group’s consulting solution is ideal Your company has limited in-house HR capabilities. The solution offers the following services:

Developing appropriate policies, procedures and practices aligned with Your company’s business strategies, culture and values
Researching and identifying employee morale and satisfaction issues;
Assisting in the development and implementation of employee communications programs;
Providing HR advice and counsel to HR and/or management.

Corporate Event Facilitation
El Group offers custom tailored event management services when You are in need of motivating and aligning the attendees around a common organizational strategy. El Group services range from and to:

Design of a wide spectrum of engaging content
Logos and graphic elements
High-impact educational sessions and Post-session evaluation
Speaker coordination
Social Media messaging and Mass Media coverage, and so much more…

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